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  • Executives who are having trouble implementing their business strategy
  • Smart, high-achieving executives who want a trusted adviser and thinking partner
  • Executives or senior managers who are transitioning to a new job
  • Executives who are taking on a new challenge or new responsibilities
  • Leadership teams who want to perform better as a team
  • Leaders of corporate culture change who want support and an outside view
  • Executives who want to compete successfully without losing heart and soul

Executive Coaching is a
powerful one-on-one collaborative partnership between an executive and a coach.

Our four-part coaching process works like this:

  • First, we work with you to assess your situation.
  • Next, we work with you to set specific goals and design an action plan to get you moving and keep you on track.
  • Then, we work with you to implement your action plan, and monitor your progress so you can adjust when necessary.
  • Finally, we work with you to evaluate the results and create a feedback loop for continuous growth.

Your coach provides the tools, structure, and support you need to see yourself as you really are, to discard old habits that no longer work, and to learn new ones.

You learn to recognize when you're performing well and when you're not. You illuminate your blind spots so you can see with greater clarity.  You begin to tap into your inner resources and effortlessly make necessary adjustments on your own.

Your coach will see the potential in you that you may not see, and challenge you to be your best.

She'll tell you things that others around you can't or won't. She'll listen to your ideas and concerns, talk things out with you, and assist you in moving into action.

Typically, you meet with your coach two to four times a month, in person or on the phone, usually over a period of six months to a year. You'll be asked to do some "fieldwork" to help cement your learning.

Your coach is available to you between sessions for brief phone calls and email exchanges, so you're supported in your coaching work whenever and however you need it.

All your coaching conversations are kept confidential. It's a two-way relationship, where both parties are concerned solely with your interests and priorities.

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Executive Coaching is a powerful one-on-one collaborative partnership between an executive and a coach.
coaching isn't the same as consulting

Although they often complement each other, consulting typically focuses on the what of a situation: "What's the problem?" "What's going on?" "What should we do?"   Coaching concerns itself with the who perspective: "Who are you as a leader and how do your unique skills and talents produce the best outcomes for the company?"


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